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Woodspirit's Blog




Here is what some of our pupils and clients say about our work.


"I love coming to Rob's workshops, I find that I'm constantly learning new things. Also he never uses the word I always We!"

Beverly, Folkestone

"Thank you so much for attuning me to the Plant Realm, its both joyous and inspiring, every plant I greet has a story to share with me"

Abigail, London

"Your workshops are inspirational, my friend can't wait to book on the next one"

Sue, Chatham

"The ethical nature of your workshops Rob are so heart warming, when you speak of the material we used to craft our drums, it was truly amazing how much effort and energy you put into ensuring that the materials were local sources, organic, ethically harvested, really made it even more special"

Dave, Buckinghamshire


"Thank you! These word don't seem enough, my life has changed completely."

Emma, Gravesend

"I feel whole again, wished I found you years ago!"

Jane, Somerset

"The plant spirit retrieval has left me feeling like I can face the difficult issue now, thank you so much, I'll be back when the next phase starts"

Jon, Maidstone

"I don't know what you did last night, but this morning I feel like a cloud has lifted from me and I can face the world again, thank you from the depth of my illuminated soul"

Paul, Sevenoaks

"Just wanted to say thank you for the healing yesterday. I felt so much peace and calm that I went home and slept the most healing, peaceful sleep I have had in years"

Marilyn, London


"Thanking you for making our Handfasting so special, it was truly a magical day"

Michelle & Dave, Sittingbourne

"Wicked Rob, it was such a great day, our family loved it and so did we"

Tim & Carole, Oxfordshire

"Jessica naming was everything we hoped for, I really feel that we have done her proud"

Sally & Geoff, London

"Mum would have loved her funeral, thank you so much, your words were so beautiful at the crematorium, they ring in my ears offering me so much comfort"

Margaret, Gravesend


"I passed! I kept the pouch with me throughout my driving test and my nerves just faded away"

Billy, Nottingham

"The house feels so much more at peace now Rob. Now I hope I can settle, your charm is hanging in the hall way, put it up straight away"

John, Darenth

"Whatever you did, I could feel this warm tingling sensation flowing through me, this morning I have no pain, I hope it lasts"

Anne, Colchester

"The talisman seems to encapsulate me in a energy field, where no one can get at me. Its given me the strength to go out again"

Julie, London

"Its been six months since you did some magical work for me Rob, do you remember? Well its worked! I must admit I still can't believe it, Bless you dear soul."

Amanda, Milton Keynes