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In today’s modern day society, we all feel the stress and strains of life. If we work towards harmony between mind, body and spirit we can face each day with renewed clarity, healing and understanding. I believe that humanity has distanced itself from our beautiful natural world, our mother earth, leading to a feeling of isolation, loss and a need to put the magic and mystery back into our own lives. As a natural healer I work with the life force energy in all things to bring about healing, inspiration, wholeness and understanding of ourselves and the world around us; working on the deep soul level to deal with causes, not just symptoms. The healing that I offer is about understanding how best to find and restore the balance between mind, body and soul, by helping the patient to reclaim their natural flow and rhythm. Therefore people who come to see me are treated in a unique and individual way, which is relevant for their healing and reconnection to the flow of spirit. Animism is probably the oldest form of healing practiced by humanity. The Shaman/Witch was traditionally also often a herbalist and naturopath.  Most tribes or localities had a shaman/witch who was asked for help with all manner of problems, spiritual and temporal. Animism considers that everything is connected i.e. this world with other subtle worlds and times, and that they can influence one another.  Animism allows travel and communication with the spirits of plants, people, animals and other beings between different worlds and times. Drawing upon Britain's own native spiritual animistic heritage, I use my Craft to help and find the cause of the problem and bring about healing. 

Please note I no longer offer Soul Retrievals!

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