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Remembering the Cantiaci

The honouring of the fallen of the Battle of the Medway in 43AD

Saturday 21st October


In AD 43 an Army formed from the combined British Tribes under the command of King Caratacus attempted to halt the advancing Roman legions at the River Medway between the villages of Burham and Snodland.  The ensuing battle, known as The Battle of the Medway, is regarded by many Historians as the second most decisive event in British history (after the Battle of Hastings in 1066) because of the subsequent Roman victory and the lasting effect it was to have on the nation.  Despite this it remains one of the least well known events in this country's colourful history, and the memorial stone pictured above (situated by the River Medway in Burham - Snodland church can be seen in the background across the river) was only erected in 1997.

On this day we will walk in a procession to the supposed site of the battle, and using the memorial stone as a focus, we will honour, in ritual, the ancient Kentish tribes, their role in trying to defend this land, our ancestors and all those that lost their lives here. we will make offerings, sing to the dead and offer blessings for peace and reconciliation for all battles and wars that still exist today.

While this is open to anyone to attend, we do ask that you let us if you intend to join us for logistical reasons. Also we will be asking for volunteers to have a role in the ritual, as we would in our gorsedd rites at the Coldrum Stones.

Assembly point: The Grounds of St. Mary's Church, Burham, Kent.

Please be aware that there is limited on street parking, so we would suggest car sharing where possible. This church is managed by the Church Conservation Trust

Assembly time: 11am

What to bring: Offerings to the ancestors and the warriors who lost their lives, suitable clothing and Robes/Cloaks if you wish.

For more information and to inform us if you are attending please Contact us