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For hundreds of years there have been folk who provide services to their local community, that are of an otherworldly nature. These Cunning Folk, Witches, Shamans, Soul Midwives and Spirit Workers, often living on the edge of the community, traded their magical, otherworldly, spirit and healing ways to benefit, heal, help and protect their community. Today I carry on this ancient work, offering a variety of solutions to life's constant ebbs and flows. While people may not ask for protection of their cattle anymore, the Human needs of a community haven't changed for eons. I maybe able to help using my craft, skills, techniques and wild ways. With honesty, integrity, dedication and honour, I use my skills of wisdom, insight, connection to spirits and the spirit world and the ability to craft magic to help and assist in many of life's dilemmas, situations and  those occurring that are not of this mortal world. So here on these pages you can find out about this little known work that I have provided for my community for over twenty years now and indeed seek the same help that our ancestors quested hundreds of years ago.

How to use these services?

Contact me detailing your issue. You can do this via any of the communication channels as detailed on the Contact Us page. I will then assess your issue and let you know how I can best help.

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