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Shamanic Healing & Plant Spirit Medicine

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In today’s modern day society, we all feel the stress and strains of the day. If we work towards harmony between mind, body and spirit we can face each day with renewed clarity, healing and understanding. Rob believes that humanity has distanced itself from our beautiful natural world, our mother earth, leading to a feeling of isolation, loss and a need to put that magic and mystery back into our own lives. As a natural healer he works with the life force energy in all things to bring about healing, inspiration, wholeness and understanding of ourselves and the world around us, working on the deep soul level to deal with causes, not just symptoms. Rob has trained in Shamanic Healing, Spiritual Healing, Flower Essences, Plant Spirit Medicine and Psychology. The healing that he offers is about understanding how best to find and restore the balance between mind, body and soul, by helping the patient to reclaim their natural flow and rhythm. Therefore people who come to see Rob are treated in a unique and individual way, which is relevant for their healing and reconnection to the flow of spirit, to Awen.

Shamanic Healing & Plant Spirit Medicine

Shamanism is probably the oldest form of healing practiced by humanity. The shaman was traditionally also often a herbalist and naturopath.  Most tribes or localities had a shaman who was asked for help with all manner of problems, spiritual and temporal. Shamanism considers that everything is connected i.e. this world with other subtle worlds and times, and that they can influence one another.  Shamanism allows travel and communication with the spirits of plants, people, animals and other beings between different worlds and times. Drawing upon Britain's own native spiritual shamanic heritage, Rob use’s his shamanic skills to help and find the cause of the  problem and bring about healing through shamanic journeys and the spirits of nature. Plant Spirit medicine allows us to connect to the essence of plants, to allow their subtle energies restore a balance within us and promote healing.

The initial session will consist of a consultation and initial healing, you will be then fully informed of any further sessions that may be needed. If needed, any preparations, essences or magical items you may need will be crafted in ceremony specifically for you.

The healing session will involve Rob undertaking a Shamanic journey and Healing ceremony. The ceremony will determine the work that is needed to be done:

Plant Spirit Retrieval - Infuse the soul with a Plant Spirit to aid the healing and inspiration process.

Energy extraction - Removal of unwanted/blocked energy to allow the natural flow of energy through the body.

Soul Retrieval - Reweaving the lost soul fragments due to trauma, stress or disturbing life events.

Tree Energy Healing - Connecting with a specific tree to raise the spirits and power the person.

Elemental Balancing - Working with the elements of earth, Air, Fire and Water to bring the natural energy within the body back to an equilibrium.

FEE: £30, plus fee for any preparations/essence/incense you may need.

i.e. Incense £4, Essence £6, Talisman £10


Let the ancient wisdom of our native Trees shed some light, inspiration, answers or guidance to your problems, issues and questions. This ancient method of divination and guidance has proven to be beneficial into seeing the patterns and currents of energy within a particular situation, issue or life path journey; letting the tree be your guide you literally do see the wood for the trees!

Divination is the art of reading patterns and signs to see how the currents of energy flow in light of a question or situation. Rob conducts his readings using the Celtic Tree Oracle, the Ogham. The Celtic Tree Ogham is a whole forest of associations for each of Britain’s native trees. Used as a card deck or wooden staves, Rob can help you to explore further and deeper, gaining a better understanding of a current situation, question or life path dilemma. The aim is not to predict the future but to see where the web of energy in its current flow is leading and how we can make the subtle changes in that flow or gain much more clarity or inspiration about the issue.

The reading will last for 1 - 1hr 30mins. which will then be backed up with a full written interpretation within a week of the reading (sent by email or post).

FEE: £20

Celebrant Services

Rob has performed many rites, from birth, to puberty, to marriage, to memorial and funeral rites as well as elder hood rites for both men and women and rites of parting between two people who once committed their love to each other. Each rite is gentle and carefully created for the individuals concerned, to ensure that its meaningful, spiritual and marks the occasion in a way that is moving, deep and profound. Rob conduct rites and rituals for both the Pagan and non Pagan community, in a variety of locations throughout Britain and Europe. When he creates a rite of passage for someone or a couple its not just on the actual day that we work together. He would arrange to meet you at least once to create a rite that is meaningful and right for you. He will stay in constant contact with you up to and sometimes even after the rite, offering guidance, and support about the rite of passage you are going through.

Baby naming's/blessings - £50 plus expenses

Handfastings (Weddings)/Funerals or Memorials - £100 plus expenses

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Iain was initiated into Traditional Usui Reiki in 2001. Reiki is an ancient system of natural healing, rediscovered in Japan over 100 years ago by Dr Miko Usui.

The word Reiki is Japanese and means Universal Life Force Energy. It is the energy within and around every living thing. Reiki is a system of channelling this energy for healing in a simple yet very powerful way. Reiki is a safe and natural method of treating the whole body; it works on all levels; emotional, mental, spiritual and physical, enabling the body's natural healing process to work more effectively.

A full treatment last for about an hour, and is performed with you fully clothed.

FEE: By donation

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