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Based in Kent the grove meets for the eight seasonal cycles of the year, a pagan circle facilitated by Rob Wilson. Its community of individuals who come together to share their pagan spirituality; a religious gathering of folk who find the strength of the community and source of inspiration to express the tides of change in their journeys and the natural world around them.

Grove Vision

Roharnís Grove is a Pagan circle that holds a magic, a space that is sure and established, to allow its members express themselves, taking the time to honour, witness and release into the tides of change of the seasons and our life journeys. The support of the grove is felt, being certain and strong held by the guardian spirit that holds its energy within the heart of the woods, the bark and root of tree, the fire that burns within our magical temple. Each member expresses their own individuality, their own expression of their paganism, journey and lives, yet holds the grove as a deep well of inspiration and a foundation to their spiritual practice, from which they can deeply drink and find their true expression of their Druidry.

A little about Roharn

The Crow feather, beech leaves and sickle carry and hold the magic essence of this spirit. Roharn first appeared to me many moons ago, he is the Raven-Crow guide who continues to wreck havoc along my journey, he is the initiator of great change, he brings the void of nothingness, the dark night of the soul, the womb tomb where we sing to the bones of the ancestors. He guides us through the caverns of our soul, land and pagan heritage, the radiance of his presence, the moonlight reflecting of his iridescent wings.

Roharn is very much apart of my soul and for many years has been a guide that held me, pushed me, loved me; I know him as crow man. With the collapse of the Greenwood Grove,  desolation within my soul, Roharn energy stirred into a deep being and his grove vision was shared, offered and my prayers of dedication where whispered to the winds of my land.


Firstly there needs to be a sense or calling to join the grove. Itís not just about saying, oh well this group will do for me. Membership to the grove is not automatic! You need to ask me and state your intention for joining the grove. This may require us to meet first, if I do not know you. If it feels right, you will be invited to a grove gathering, after which you will be contacted to see how you felt about the grove and also how I felt about you in the circle. Joining the grove requires commitment. As all we do is based on sacred relationship, honour and respect, so joining the grove makes us put that into practice.



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