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Roharn's grove is a grove within the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids.

Based in Kent, the grove meets for the eight seasonal festivals of the year; it is a Druid grove facilitated by Rob Wilson, Amanda Glynn and Beverley Smith. The grove is a community of individuals who come together to share their druid spirituality; a religious gathering of folk who find the community to be a source of strength and inspiration to help them express the changes in their journeys and the natural world around them.


Roharn’s Grove is a Druid Grove that holds a magic, a space that is sure and established, to allow its members to express themselves, taking the time to honour, witness and release into the tides of change of the seasons and our life journeys. Each member expresses their own individuality, their own expression of their Druidry, journey and life, yet holds the grove as a deep well of inspiration and a foundation to their spiritual practice, from which they can deeply drink and find their true expression of their Druidry.

We meet for the eight festivals as well as a virtual full moon gathering. Occasionally the grove holds additional gatherings as well as offering initiations for Bards, Ovates and Druids and rites of passage. Our gatherings are held outdoors, in a privately owned woodland; we feel it is important to immerse ourselves in nature during the grove gatherings, occasionally we meet in members’ homes. We have an email forum to share the practical details of the gatherings.  The grove also runs the Kent Gorsedd at the Coldrum Stones Neolithic Long Barrow on the Equinoxes and Solstices. Members of the grove can ask to be part of the ritual team that holds these open gatherings.


Roharn first appeared to Rob many moons ago, he is the Raven-Crow guide who guides us through the caverns of our soul, land and Druid heritage.  The radiance of his presence is ever watchful; the moonlight reflecting on his iridescent wings. Roharn is different to each member, some see him as an actual spirit of the grove, and others an archetype or concept vision that holds the grove focus and this allows us to make our own unique connections to the spirit of the grove and the grove community.


In 1998, the first incarnation of the Grove was the North West Kent Grove, a British Druid Order Grove which local druids soon contacted Rob to join.  And so the grove started on its fledgling journey. By 2000, and with the deepening of Rob’s path, the grove evolved into the Greenwood Grove meeting in Trosley Country Park in Kent. In 2008 the Greenwood Grove came to an end as relationships changed and people moved on. During the next year and half Rob retreated from the wider Druid community, spending hours on his allotment, performing his solo rites. Soon Roharn was to challenge Rob to hold a grove once again and have Roharn as its guide and inspiration. At Samhain 2010 Roharn’s grove met for the first time. Due to the nature of how the Greenwood Grove dissolved, this became a semi-closed grove; people were vetted before joining. Roharn's Grove met in the same physical grove as the Greenwood Grove at this time.  Over time the grove outgrew the space, it was as if the woods no longer wanted to conceal and protect us. Wide footpaths grew around the grove and it wasn't long before the public and teenagers found us and followed us during our grove rites. One particular gathering, a group of teenagers were actually waiting for us, and followed us through the woods, while not confrontational, it wasn’t conducive to a deeply connecting ritual. That very night Amanda was telling Rob that she was purchasing some woodland in a nearby valley. Amanda invited Rob to explore her new woodland to see if he felt it was a suitable place; within minutes of being within the woods, making prayers and walking around, a crow called and Rob felt totally assured that this was indeed the new grove home of Roharn's Grove. The grove moved to its new home in 2014 - a secure private woodland that simply welcomed our presence there. For the last four years the grove has been finding its feet again.  Members have come and gone and now, in the evolutionary process, the time is right for the grove to open to the wider druid community. It will be and facilitated by three members of OBOD: Rob, Amanda and Beverley.


The grove is open to anyone who feels a connection to the grove ethos, the expression of Druidry as an earth-nature based, pagan tradition. We welcome members of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids.  If you are new to us, then do contact us so that we may share with you a little of what to expect. There may even be an opportunity to meet us at one of our open gatherings first. If you are not a member, you can still join us, but we would like to meet with you first so that we can gauge if we are right for each other.

Rob Wilson – moving to Kent from London in 1994, he enrolled on the Bardic course of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids in 1995, completing the course in 2007. For the last 25 years, Rob has explored the Pagan heritage of Britain. Expressing his deep, raw, rich, vital Pagan spirituality through Druidry, working with the Pagan Federation, The British Druid Order and the Druid Network. For Rob being a modern day Druid is about building and deepening our sacred spirit/soul connections to nature; the nature within us and without us. It is about finding the freedom to allow our soul to sing its story without fear and inhibition. To know the spirit of tree, stone and bones of our ancestors and to take the responsibility of being a priest of nature. Rob shares this wisdom and helps others to express their spirituality creatively, wildly, deeply, all rooted in this sacred land.  Having been exposed to teachers of various Pagan traditions, Rob has grown and matured through Druidry that he says, ‘allows me to live in the mad, intolerant, materialistic 21st century’. Professionally his degree in Geography and Environmental Studies and Psychology has led him to be involved in Environment Education for the young and old, and community outreach work.

Amanda Glynn – Amanda’s spiritual journey has been, and still is, diverse and as time goes on she finds it harder to separate it from her life in general. It is grounded in the many facets of yoga and Hinduism, but as her eastern knowledge deepened, Amanda wanted to understand the spirituality rooted in her country of birth.  This led her to Druidry.  Exploring different beliefs and practices is fascinating to Amanda and finding where these meet, and where they do not provides her with constant challenges. Amanda finds that this helps her to deepen her understanding and to get nearer to experiencing the underlying truth. She is a member of OBOD, her local Hindu group and the Theosophical Society. But most of all she is a practitioner...of yoga, Druidry and life.

Beverly Smith - to follow


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